How do you Relate?
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What if you knew what your customers were really thinking?

Why do they come back?

What would they change?

How are we doing?

Sound familiar?

“I spend some time at the front desk helping to check people in and out. I try to be engaging but I’m not there all the time and even when I’m there I’m always getting pulled away for something.”

“I’m behind the chair five days a week. I connect really well with my own guests. But it’s hard to keep track of what my customers think about the other stylists and honestly, most of the time I can’t.”

“You’ve got to be kidding me! I run three locations. I hardly have time to breathe let alone figuring out my customers.”

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What if you knew why your employees are succeeding or struggling?

When should I praise my team?

When do I light a fire?

How do I stay current?

Is this you?

“I feel like I pass along guest feedback that I get along with my own observations but I’m not sure it “lands” with my employees. I get a lot of pushback.”

“I’ve got information which would be valuable to my employees but I don’t have a way to easily communicate with them.”

“I give my employees some of the reports I get from our software about their productivity and performance but these only tell them what their scores are, not why they might be failing.”

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What if you had at your fingertips information that mattered?

How do I sort through all the data?

How can I see subjective things objectively?

How do my employees actually rank as a group?

Can you relate?

“I either have not enough information or I’m drowning in it.”

“I want information to simplify and improve my work life, not complicate it.”

“I know the answers to the questions that begin with What like “What are my sales?.” or “What is the business doing now compared to last month or last year?” but I’m not clear about the answers to the “Why…?” questions.”

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Everyone needs someone in their corner, don’t they?

What can I do to motivate my team?

Who can give me a nudge in the right direction?

How do I mold customer behavior?

We’re not boasting

“The RelateLOOP Team is awesome! Their software is great AND my account manager has given me advice on marketing and messaging.”

“This is like having someone explain the “trick” of solving a puzzle.”

“Smart, Insightful, creative – it’s like having fairy dust sprinkled on me.”

LOOP is beautiful because it’s a continuous collection and flow of communication which is the foundation of all relationships.
LOOP improves the quality of your life by enhancing the performance of your business.
LOOP effortlessly enables you to better engage with the people who matter most to you: your customers and your employees.

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“LOOP is AMAZING! We encourage our customers to give honest, candid feedback about our classes. We are in our 3rd week of using Loop and we have nearly a 40% response rate. The real-time information that my Team gets has been revealing and the basis for meaningful conversations that would have never happened. My customers love the opportunity to participate in “their” studio and we’ve wrapped Loop around our Rewards program which is also generating new interest and excitement for product sales. I spend less time doing hands on customer/team management and am getting way better results! And in the first 2 weeks we added 12 new 5-Star Yelp reviews!!”

– Shelley Sinegal, Pure Barre Napa

“We are the Salon Directors for two very busy salons in New York. We manage a team of 40 hair designers that provide over 3,000 services a month. We are also working behind the chair four days a week seeing full books of guests and Loop has made it possible to have eyes in the backs of our heads. It’s incredible how detailed feedback guests will give us, especially about color services. In the last five years with all the information available about hair color, and especially at home hair color, consumers are a lot more educated and a lot more particular about what they expect and how they think it should be done. All the feedback is delivered to us and our team members which has helped to improve the quality of our color work and guest satisfaction.”

– Heather Herring and Katie McClusky, Asanda NYC

“A shout out to LOOP and our new review system. This new service allows our guests to share their joys and challenges in an easy manner. It makes our day to receive the perfect reviews and it makes our guests’ day to be able to share a concern that we actually follow up on. As I finish 2 follow up calls today, I realize how easy it is to maintain happy guests always. Thank you LOOP!”

– Mary Beth Berns, Craig Berns Salon Spa

How will you relate?

Left alone, 96% of dissatisfied customers will never voice their criticisms to your business. They will simply walk out your door and never come back, resulting in loss of sales and negative word-of-mouth.

Keeping your clients happy as well as loyal is crucial to growing your business. But many companies fail to realize another important step: making sure that your customers are vocal with honest feedback.

Let's start a relationship!